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Add Character to Your Home with Reclaimed Wood Floors

Each reclaimed wood floor plank tells a story. This unique hardwood flooring option adds character, personality and charm that cannot be replicated by any other type of flooring on the market. Often used in rustic or farmhouse design, reclaimed wood floors can also bring a touch of whimsy and welcomed juxtaposition to contemporary styles as well. Its natural patina creates an interesting texture along with a sense of timelessness to many different design styles.


Reclaimed wood floors offer superior durability when compared to other types of flooring. Typically sourced from barns or old buildings, reclaimed wood has already had a lifetime of wear and tear. This means it is extremely durable and can withstand years of use without showing signs of deterioration.


Because you are giving new life to a resource that would otherwise go unused or discarded, installing reclaimed wood floors is often the go-to option for eco-conscious designers and homeowners. Using reclaimed wood reduces deforestation and prevents waste build-up in landfills.


The availability of reclaimed wood planks is largely dependent on regional availability and originating sources like old barns, ships, warehouses, and buildings that have been deconstructed or renovated. How these sources were originally constructed will dictate the type of wood available. For example, if you live near a commercial fishing town, you might find interesting reclaimed wood from the hulls of old boats. Living near old plantations or ranches, however, may give you better access to old beams sourced from stables or barns. Budget permitting, reclaimed wood can also be sourced from all corners of the world, from European to Asia. Haute Plank proudly offers an incomparable selection of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring made from the planks of wagons and responsibly milled in Belgium.

No matter where you find reclaimed wood flooring material, your home will exude impressive beauty with unmatched character and universal appeal.


HAUTE PLANK® is a curated flooring line born from the finest wood sources across Europe. With over a decade of experience in the flooring business, our family-owned and operated business is focused on building client-first relationships by offering an exceptional product line, attention to detail, and responsive communication. Please browse our exquisite hardwood flooring collections online or contact us to set up an appointment.

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