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Transform Your Kitchen with European Engineered Hardwood Floors

Gone are the days of choosing from boring porcelain tile and lackluster vinyl material for your kitchen floor. As durable modern hardwood flooring alternatives become more widely available in a whole host of colors, finishes, and grades, your options just got a lot more interesting.

Hardwood floors in the kitchen?

Absolutely! Exceptionally beautiful and equally as strong, hardwood floors offer a touch of luxury to any room in the house, even in the busiest kitchens. While not all hardwood products may be suitable to withstand the beating a kitchen floor must take, with the right finish, European engineered hardwood can handle the task.

Each engineered hardwood plank is crafted to be more resilient than traditional hardwood, making them an ideal choice for the kitchen. The top layer of Haute Plank's European engineered hardwood is made from strong white oak, while the core is constructed from several cross-ply layers fused together under high pressure. This construction makes engineered flooring less prone to warping, cracking, or splitting than traditional solid hardwood.

European engineered hardwood floors also boast superior resistance to moisture, an absolute must-have in a kitchen environment. A high-performance coating applied during production further protects the wood from water damage and wear and tear over time.

But the maintenance will be non-stop, right?

No more than any other floor! To keep engineered hardwood looking its best, simply sweep and vacuum to remove dirt, dust, pet fur, and other debris on a regular basis. Use a damp mop or cloth to clean up spills promptly to avoid setting stains. With the right care and maintenance, engineered hardwood floors can last for years in even the busiest kitchens.

In the event of unsightly scratches or divots, fear not! European engineered hardwood floors can be refinished to restore their original beauty. Depending on your floors install method, individual planks may possibly be replaced without disrupting the entire room.

How do I know which engineered hardwood floor to choose?

With so many hardwood products on the market, the options may seem overwhelming. You may have also heard conflicting stories about the success of engineered hardwood, especially in the kitchen. Unfortunately not all wood flooring products are created equally, and many of the sordid tales of failure may be true.

At Haute Plank, we offer only the finest engineered hardwood flooring options born in some of the most reputable mills in Europe. Our mill partners do not only concern themselves with the floor's final appearance, but place equal emphasis on quality construction and finishing with durable materials. Each artisan we choose to work with is more than a manufacturer - they are true craftsman dedicated to the art of hardwood design.

OK, but let's say I get a dud...what do I do?

In the unlikely event that your engineered hardwood floor fails after installation, contact us immediately. Our full line of products in each of our collections is backed by a limited warranty.

Wrapping it up...

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you CAN use hardwood in the kitchen. Bring your kitchen to life with the timeless beauty of Haute Plank's European engineered hardwood floors and create the enviable look you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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