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Whether you have just purchased wood flooring for your home or you are considering making it a part of your design the following care and maintenance guidelines will help you keep it looking new for years to come and also debunk any myths about excessive maintenance you may have seen online.

Determining which type of finish your hardwood floor has is the first step in selecting the best care and maintenance routine. HAUTE PLANK® offers a couple of different hardwood flooring finish options including UV Matte Lacquer, UV-Cured Oil, and Natural Oil. Please find the section below that pertains to your floor for the most up to date care and maintenance. First, here are a few tips and care guidelines for wood floors in general regardless of finish type.

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General Tips & Guidelines for All Finishes.

  • Wipe any spills as quickly as possible. 

  • Do your best to sweep your floor regularly, especially in homes with excessive dust or pets as hair and dirt can settle in the seams between planks. 

  • A Roomba is a great way to keep floors free of dirt and debris! Vacuuming once weekly using the bare floor setting is also a great way to keep floors clean. 

  • Never use a wet mop or steam mop. 

  • Follow cleaning instructions specific to your floor finish type.


UV Matte Lacquer Finish.


For general cleaning, manufacturers recommend using a damp sponge, cloth, traditional or “Swiffer” type mop. Ensure that no excess moisture is left on the floor. Cleaning solutions such as diluted Hardwood Floor Cleaner (for large areas) or a spray application of Hardwood Floor Cleaner (for small areas) are recommended. After cleaning is complete, allow the floor to completely dry before walking on them. 

Always refer to cleaning product manufacturer guidelines for application instructions. Cleaning with an overly wet mop is not recommended, as pooling or excess water may discolor the surface or flow between the planks which could damage the structure of the floor. Steam devices for floors should never be used as they will damage the finish of your hardwood floors. Avoid old tips such as using vinegar, soap or wax, all of this might cause long term damage to the finish of your beautiful floors. 

Lacquer is a surface application, or topcoat, meaning it is unable to absorb into the wood grain. In high traffic areas or where excessive dust and debris tend to build, shoes mats or area rugs are helpful to protect those areas from unwanted marring or indentations.

UV-Cured Oil Finish.

UV oil is a unique way of emphasizing the rich colors of natural wood. This finish primarily contains cold-pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils. When applied, these oils penetrate into the surface of the wood floor and, as they cure, harden to form a very protective surface that becomes part of the wood floor unlike the lacquer finish which forms a very strong topcoat. As a result, normal wear and tear or surface damage such as small scratches and indentations, will not show up on UV-cured oil floors as they might on a floor finished with urethane. The cured oil finish also allows the wood floor to breathe through its surface, not just along its edges. What makes this finish different from natural oiled floors? Using UV lights to cure the oil adds an added layer of protection, essentially barring potential damage from natural sunlight. This is a popular choice for pre-finished floors as the manufacturer can apply a factory finish quickly and the end user can have a floor that requires very little maintenance after installation. 

When cleaning UV Cured-Oil finished floors we recommend using a cleaner that contains some oil. HAUTE PLANK® offers a variety of oil-based cleaners that are a great choice for routine cleaning and maintenance. Please contact us for more details.

Natural Oil Finish.

Natural Oil provides a gorgeous finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Like the UV-Cured Oil finish the natural oil penetrates into the surface of the wood providing a protective barrier throughout the layers. Natural Oil, however, requires an application of oil as a part of routine maintenance. Not as tedious as it sounds, maintenance oil is applied in the same way as if you were cleaning the floor - using a soft cloth, sponge, or Swiffer-like mop. HAUTE PLANK® always ensures our clients are properly educated on the proper care and maintenance.

HAUTE PLANK Guarantee.

All of our floors offer a 25 year warranty on the finish. With proper care and maintenance our floors will look beautiful for generations to come.

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