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Guide to Installing Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The term wide plank flooring refers to wood flooring sold in planks that are wider than 4 inches. Known for providing unique character and warmth, wide planks showcase more of the natural beauty of the wood grain and often result in fewer seams, which can make a room feel more expansive.  

A properly prepared subfloor and quality materials are vital to any well-installed wood floor. Still, there are some special considerations required when installing wide planks versus the more common 2”-4” boards.

Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring

Planning and Preparation for Installation

Acclimation and moisture measurement are especially important with wide plank flooring because cupping and gapping are more noticeable than with thinner planks. Additional bonding to the subfloor, either by a full glue-down or nail-and-bead-glue method, is required to prevent movement and squeaking. Using an adhesive with a moisture vapor barrier in the formulation will help keep out any moisture seeping through the concrete subfloor. 

Installing Wide Plank Reclaimed Wood 

Wide plank flooring installation is best done by a professional crew, especially if it involves reclaimed wood, as wide planks can be more susceptible to expansion and shrinkage than narrower boards. Reclaimed wide planks often do not have tongues and grooves and are usually face-nailed down through the tops of the boards and into floor joists. 

How to Install Engineered Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring

Installation methods depend on how the boards are engineered, but can often be glued down over concrete or mechanically fastened. Newly manufactured wide plank flooring usually has a tongue-and-groove edge, and the planks are installed just like smaller tongue-and-groove boards, with finished nails that are blind nailed at the angle of the room. 

HAUTE PLANK is proud to offer planks as wide as 40 inches in our engineered hardwood flooring collections, so whether you’re interested in the rustic, timeless aesthetic of our Reclaimed Line, the clean, modern look of our lighter finishes and prime grades, or anything in between, contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your space with unparalleled craftsmanship, durability, and versatility tailored to your unique style and design.

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