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We all love the look of wood flooring, but did you know that it can provide health benefits? Studies have proven that exposure to nature can aid in lowering blood pressure, heart rate and aggression.

Enter Biophilic Design.


The basis of this remarkable practice is to connect people and nature within built environments. Given the proven health benefits, one could reason that more time surrounded by natural elements could improve our overall well-being. However, the average person spends only 6% of their time outdoors, 6% commuting, and the remainder indoors.


At HAUTE PLANK®, we made it our mission to bring nature's beauty and health benefits to our clients where they spend the most time. We partnered with mills that not only focus on quality but put sustainability at the forefront of their foresting practices, take great care in minimizing our environmental footprint, and understand that when carefully managed, hardwood flooring can be a sustainable, renewable resource for future generations.



At HAUTE PLANK®, we pride ourselves on offering not only an exceptional line of European wood products, but customizable and reliable client-first service. Whether you are a designer, architect or contractor, we would love to meet with you. Simply call, email, or text to set up an appointment.

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