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Introducing Maison Plank: Engineered Hardwood Floors for All Applications

What if we told you we can offer you exquisite hardwood flooring perfectly suited for almost any space? From kitchens and bathrooms to offices, restaurants, and even warehouses if you're up for it…And you can customize this product to match literally any color scheme or wood flooring product you’d like. And it’s easy to install and will not involve ripping out your old tile flooring. Aaannnddd… it happens to be affordable. Would you believe it? 

Haute Plank is excited to introduce the Maison Plank Collection, a first-of-its-kind engineered hardwood flooring product built to last. Securely rooted at the intersection of affordability and jaw-dropping luxury, this versatile new collection is nearly indestructible and capable of withstanding commercial or high-traffic residential use. Maison Plank flooring merges the warmth and beauty of natural wood with laminate's durability, all in a masterful design featuring easy, click-lock installation.

Virtually indestructible Maison Plank engineered hardwood floors

Maison Plank offers:

  • Exceptional Water-Resistance: Each board boasts an impressive water-resistance rating, proven to withstand submersion for up to 24 hours.

  • Strength and Durability: Each Maison Plank board boasts a top layer of genuine oak or walnut, a strong HDF core, and a bullet-proof titanium finish.

  • Versatile Design Options: Maison Plank comes in 6”, 7.5”, and 10.5" widths and lengths of up to 6.75', a wide range of colors, traditional or herringbone patterns, to match any aesthetic.

  • Easy Installation: The click-lock flooring is manufactured to easily install directly over many different existing surfaces.

  • Quick Turnaround: An array of standard colors in the Maison Plank Collection offer a lead time of 4-5 weeks, ensuring timely delivery for your projects. 

Please Note: Fully customizable options are available and will require extended  production time.

The Maison Plank collection is more than your standard engineered hardwood flooring product. This ingenious marriage between laminate and wood flooring lets you bring the beauty of hardwood into virtually any space, from commercial use to high-traffic residential to rental properties that take a beating. Contact Haute Plank or stop by our Scottsdale showroom today to learn more about the virtually waterproof, highly customizable Maison Plank collection.


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