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HP17 Chenin Blanc

HP17 Chenin Blanc

With its platinum blond white-washed finish, Chenin Blanc engineered hardwood offers a relaxed, casual vibe that can easily infuse laid-back elegance and soothing allure into your designs. One of the palest boards in our Belgium Hardwood Flooring Collection, Chenin Blanc, is ripe for grade, fill color, and finishing customization. The versatility of this colorway makes it perfect for your space, whether you’re outfitting a coastal retreat or a modern Scandinavian oasis.

    • Titanium Finish
    • Select & Character Grades
    • Light Wire Brushing
    • 5/8" Thickness 4mm Top Layer (3/4" 6mm Top Layer Available)
    • 6" - 10" Standard Widths (Up to 16" Widths Available)
    • Random Lengths
    • Custom Lengths up to 16' Available
    • Herringbone and Chevron Patterns Available
  • Contact us by phone, email, or text. In the Scottsdale area? Drop by our Gallery to view the entire collection.

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