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Caring for Wood Floors in the Arizona Desert Climate

Updated: Apr 1

Engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for homeowners seeking the timeless elegance of hardwood without the worry of desert climates affecting the quality of their floors. Unlike traditional solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is constructed with multiple layers, some of which are more resistant to changes in humidity, making it less prone to warping or cracking. 

All regions have unique requirements for ensuring the durability and longevity of wood flooring, but here are some considerations for installing and maintaining engineered hardwood flooring in the Arizona desert climate. 

Wood Floor in Arizona

Let Arizona Wood Floors Acclimate

Engineered hardwood will perform well in the desert climate with proper acclimation and installation. In its most basic sense, acclimation is the process of allowing the wood to rest in and adjust to its intended climate. Storing the planks in the room where you plan to install them gives the wood time to adjust to the conditions. That said, make sure to set the room's temperature and humidity settings similar to how you plan to keep them in everyday use; i.e., use the air conditioning or heat to bring the room to your expected average temperature.

Control Humidity and Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

A desert climate is typically characterized by a lack of water and humidity, so materials used in such a climate need to be water resistant - in other words, they must not react to the water and humidity when (and if) it appears. While most polyurethane finishes form a protective, moisture-resistant top coating for all forms of hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood is constructed with layers of material that are more resistant to changes in humidity. As a result, engineered hardwood flooring is traditionally less prone to warping or cracking. 

Controlling humidity is as important to our comfort as it is to the life of our floors and doesn’t have to be a difficult task. While you could install a humidifier in your home to maintain a moderate level of humidity, regularly damp mopping floors, especially with a bit of cleaning solution that includes flooring finish, can be enough to prevent engineered hardwood from drying out. These cleaning solutions offer the added benefit of strengthening the wear layer and erasing minor blemishes and abrasions. 

Protect Hardwood Floors from UV Exposure

Intense sunlight in desert regions can cause fading and discoloration of hardwood flooring. Although choosing a finish that includes UV protection is a step in the right direction, experts highly recommend protecting the floor from constant direct sunlight with curtains, blinds, or UV-resistant window coverings. Rearranging furniture and area rugs periodically will also help ensure even exposure. 

Clean Wood Floors Regularly 

Dust and sand are prevalent in desert areas, and leave behind tiny particles that can scratch and wear down the finish of engineered hardwood. Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and debris. Use a soft broom or vacuum attachment to avoid scratching the surface. 

Other Forms of Protection

Placing area rugs or mats in high-traffic areas can help protect the engineered hardwood from wear and tear. These coverings also trap dirt and prevent it from being tracked onto the floor. Attach felt pads to the legs of furniture to prevent scratches and dents when moving or rearranging items. This simple step can significantly extend the life of your engineered hardwood.

The HAUTE PLANK Difference

HAUTE PLANK engineered hardwood flooring planks combine a strong, white oak top layer with a marine-grade birch core for a product with unmatched durability, clarity, and elegance. Our top layers are then finished with the HP Titanium Finish, which consists of 4 coats of UV-cured oil and 2 coats of soft wax to achieve one of the toughest hardwood flooring finishes on the market. Each application penetrates the wood to strengthen it, while protecting the floors from UV light, making it suitable for the desert climate/ ensuring they stay beautiful over time.    

Bring the allure of hardwood into every room, confident that your engineered flooring will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Please browse our exquisite hardwood flooring collections online or contact us to set up an appointment.


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