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Cleaning & Caring for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a naturally beautiful and durable addition to any space, however like any natural product there is some maintenance required to ensure its lasting beauty and structural integrity.

The experts at HAUTE PLANK® have put together some simple DOs and DON’Ts to remember when caring for your hardwood flooring.


Dirt and debris are common occurrences in every home. Over time, these things may cause scratches on your wood floors.

  • DO vacuum or sweep regularly to prevent surface damage.

Liquids left to sit on the flooring will absorb into the wood and damage the finish and possibly the structural integrity.

  • DO wipe up spills as quickly as possible.

Not all floor cleaners are created equally. To preserve the beauty of the wood for years to come, you must nourish it with vital oils.

  • DO use cleaners that are specific to hardwood flooring and recommended by your hardwood flooring specialist.

Despite what grandma may have told you about general cleaning, certain solutions are detrimental to your hardwood floors.

  • DON’T ever clean your hardwood flooring with vinegar and water.

Even after a sticky spill, muddy mess, or any other unfortunate mishap, a simple solution of hardwood floor cleaner and a damp mop is the answer.

  • DON'T use a steam cleaner or saturated mop.

Area rugs and mats are effective in protecting your wood floors in high traffic areas. Since out of sight, out of mind does not win here, we think this one calls for 'small print.'

  • DO use strategically placed coverings to avoid damage to the most walked-on surfaces in your home or business.

  • DON'T forget to regularly clean under your area rugs and mats as dust and debris will gather under them causing unsightly scratches to the finish.

Pets can also cause scratches on hardwood flooring.

  • DO keep your beloved pals' nails trimmed to prevent unwanted damage.


Hardwood floor maintenance, despite how it may be portrayed, is really quite easy and won't require any additional cleaning than any other flooring products you may have in your home. Whether you choose engineered hardwood or solid hardwood, maintenance is crucial to ensure your floors remain beautiful for years to come.


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